Adrian Mole

Here I am, super happy that this is the children’s book cover this year. I always wanted to produce one of the children’s covers as I felt I could generally be alot more fun and illustrative with any outcome I produced without it being ridiculed for being too cartoony for adults! The idea that I went with stands with the red socks protest. I loved the idea that in a world where Adrian feels misunderstood and ‘grey’ that a splash of red could cause such a stir.

As a Harry Potter fan I kept writing 9 3/4 so it’s lucky I spotted that before I wrote it wrong on the cover! As you can see the amount of times I tried to write Adrian Mole perfectly..

I wanted his legs to look long and gangly, almost Quentin Blake inspired. He’s in his school uniform yet if it weren’t for the upturned short trousers he may be ‘mistaken’ for a 9-5 worker, he describes himself as a misunderstood intellectual in the blurb.

Adrian Mole mock up book cover


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A little bit about myself.. I'm a fun-loving, creative, Graphic Communication student at Cardiff School of Art and Design with a huge love for art, design and illustration. In my work, I always find a way to throw in a little bit of my own happiness and creativity by adding handmade touches and my own illustrative style to personalise and refine my designs. Design is supposed to make people say WOW! and that is the one goal that inspires me to do what I do.

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