Uni Done and Dusted

Thinking back to the beginning of university, I never would have thought three years could have gone by so quickly. The exhibition has been one of the most fulfilling experiences, watching everyone’s work piece together in such a small amount of time is a wonderful sight to behold, especially when everybody is so proud of what they have accomplished.

I am feeling so positive about my exhibited work. I feel like it stands out as an engaging and bold choice and could have people standing around wrapped up in the serendipitous stories for moments on end, I’m glad it won’t simply be sweeped over! Hopefully people will be able to take on board the wonder of chance events and will get people thinking and talking about similar stories they may have encountered in their own lives. As my postcards state, never underestimate a moment in time, it may be right where you are supposed to be.

I spent a long while creating the exhibition label text as I wanted it to perfectly be engaging yet thought provoking and respectful.

“Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. We can find examples of serendipity in our lives if we look back on events that had an unsuspected outcome by chance. Happy accidents can happen at any moment in time, standing here today may be right where you are supposed to be. 

The hand illustrated stories explore the personal serendipitous events that spared lives during three of the most tragic worldwide disasters.

December 26th 2004, April 10th 1912, September 11th 2001.

They are true tales of survival. “

Exhibition wise I had major concerns about how my prints would look when displayed. Each of my hand drawn stories were created on A4 paper and scanned at high res to make sure I could blow them up as big as I wanted, I wasn’t entirely sure whether I wanted to have them A2, A1 or even A0. The problem was that I didn’t want to have to redo all my hard work to find out that if the resolution was not high enough that the images would look pixelated once blown up to massive scale.

Because I produced the original drawings at A4 I felt they looked really detailed and strong at small scale, but when I printed off my first rough draft to scale, I panicked that the stories looked so grainy and that the large scale would draw attention to any faults in the print rather than a positive impression. In fact the reason it was such bad quality was no fault of my own but purely the printer, when printed greyscale at uni the images came out far more crisp and the worry was swept away. As always I ended up leaving the final printing far too late and was turned away from the print studio at uni to be told it would take them a week to produce what I needed from them. Luckily I was able to have them printed within three hours just down the road and I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the outcome.

One of the most relevant  areas of the course over the last three years to the development of my university work has been the play and creativity module during the Field term. I feel that it is really my thing. That art and design has the ability to change the way people feel, how they experience and explore the world around them. Communication that makes people use their minds and step out of their comfort zone is what makes me want to do the things I do. You can’t settle for simply the easiest way of doing things, there is always a way to push the boundaries, make the simple extraordinary and make impressions that stay in the minds of viewers for their entire lives. Working with the other disciplines during that time allowed me to realise there is more that one way to tackle a problem. Sometimes in the studio we get into a bit of a routine as to what we feel is an expected outcome from a graphics student, when in reality communication is everything. I feel comfortable experimenting with a range of different mediums to create an outcome. I often feel that the things I handcraft are more engaging and communicate better than anything I could ever have developed in other ways. There is a beautiful roughness to the traditional techniques and that is what I love about my time in graphics, that we are encouraged to express ourselves outside the constraints of the computer using the wealth of techniques and knowledge of skilled people around us.

Thinking about the challenges I constantly struggled with, I thought I’d have learnt my lesson by the end of university. I tend to have a real problem of being such a perfectionist, and find myself within a constant circle of wanting to do work but procrastinating on the smallest of details to avoid doing more tedious tasks. Time management is still quite an issue, not planning out exactly how long different aspects of a project are set to take me and ending up with a whole bunch of work at the end, that I end up not giving my full potential to. I always will think I could do better but in most of the cases this year, I really am pleased with how everything has turned out.

I decided to show my serendipity work over my fmp as I felt it produced a higher impact at exhibition level than an outdoor conceptual idea could. I felt it would be far too time consuming to mock up some great outdoors scene to give the full impact of what I have created, and felt the only way I could do that work justice would be to display it outside where it belongs!